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Since 1892, Bérard (located in the mountains of Royans, which borders the northern edge of Provence) specializes in the design of boards and kitchen utensils in wood. Located in the Drôme Provence, since the beginning, we have forged a special link with the olive wood and the noble woods. 

Upheld by the age-old knowhow of our craftsmen, these woods are carved to become real cooking utensils. Since 1892, we develop our products according to the art of living of French cuisine and in a southern spirit of sharing and merriment.

Since 1982, a brand true to its values

Over the years, Bérard has become, a guarantee of authenticity, reliability and a job well done. The fruit of more than a century of knowhow.

Our responsability

Bérard is committed to responsible wood sourcing. We want to protect and conserve this vital natural resource, by using wood obtained from known, legal, and well-managed timber sources. Bérard works with its vendors to set targets, improve practices and increase usage of wood from certified sources.



Every Bérard item is produced by respecting the nature that surrounds us, so that the next generation can enjoy the beauty that we have come to know. Our productos are designed with a deep respect for the natural resources we use to create them. Building on years of craftsmaship, we utilize the branches of the trees to create our product allowing the tree to contine grow and thrive for centuries to come.
Our suppliers are organized so that 100% of the wood is used. We repair the little imperfections in the wood instead of applying a chemical treatment in order to have a uniform and smooth surface. The balance of the wood that is not suitable for production, is used to heat the drying chamber where out products are cured; it is also used as a heating source for our facilities and the buildings in the winter.

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