COMERCIAL VALIRA S.A. is dedicated to the design and manufacture of household items, mainly in cast aluminum and plastic, intended for domestic and professional use throughout the world.

We consider Quality and Safety and Health Management an essential factor for our success. For this reason, we require from everyone a commitment to continuous improvement in all areas.

At VALIRA we are aware that our future in the sector is determined by the satisfaction of both our suppliers and our customers and workers, and we are committed to keeping the principles of Quality integrated in our management and in the development of our products, as well as such as SST requirements.

For this reason, following a process of constant evolution, the following commitments have been defined and implemented:

Prevention of damage and deterioration of health and continuous improvement of the management and performance of OSH.

Commitment to comply with the related applicable legal requirements, those applicable for the activity, for the environment and for SST.

Orientation towards the creation of value and economic growth based on profitability and sustained profit, avoiding costs caused by defective work, delays and, in general, any activity that does not provide real added value.

Commitment to the consultation and participation of the workers, and when they exist, of the workers' representatives.

Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks for OSH.

Commitment to carry out our work within a management environment that guarantees continuous improvement in our processes, in our methods of action and in our relationships with interested parties, through the establishment and periodic review of our quality objectives and SST.

Compliance with customer requirements to achieve their satisfaction, being able to capture their needs and expectations, conveying the feeling that we are more than suppliers, participants in a common project, acting at all times with professionalism, ethics and transparency.

Collaboration with suppliers, creating relationships based on trust, loyalty, transparency, mutual respect and reciprocal contribution, promoting their involvement in aspects of quality in common processes.

Know, disclose and ensure compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes to, both in terms of quality and OSH.

Ensure the mechanisms that ensure the communication of this policy inside and outside VALIRA.




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