Bags for kids 

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  • Flexible and compact

    Soft lunch bag compact and easy to store. Insulating metallic fabric on the inside easy to clean, non-absorbent. Designed to carry a sandwich Designed for kid's needs: airtight container capacity from 0,4L to 0,75L. With fun designs and colorful colors. Does not include containers.

  • Includes stickers

    Containers 100% leakproof. They do not get stained or take odors. Safe as glass, light as plastic. Translucent cover with window to clearly see the interior. They allow the intensive use in microwaves, dishwasher and freezer (from -20ºC to 200ºC). Manufactured in Spain with premium thermo plastic, without BPA. Includes stickers.

  • Decorate your container

    Stick and decorate your container (63 stickers)