Cooking tips for al dente rice

The rice is one of the most consumed cereal in the world, even becoming a must of the Mediterranean diet. But every variety of rice is not the same and has to be selected according to each recipes.

Rice Varieties and cooking tips:

- Long Rice: It is one of the most consumed. For each cup of rice you should add two of water. Cooking time should not exceed 12 minutes.

- Bomba rice: For each cup of rice add two cups of water. Cooking time is 15 minutes. It is advisable to fry the rice as a first step.

- Brown rice: It is one of the most healthy varieties. For each cup of rice add four cups of water. Cooking time is 40 minutes.

- Basmati rice: Cooking time is 12 minutes, and for every cup of rice add two cups of water.

- Parboiled rice: The grains have been subjected to steam treatment to recover the nutritional substances they lost in the refining process. Cooking time is 20 minutes, and for every cup of rice add three cups of water.

- Wild Rice: Its grains are elongated and have a taupe color. It has a nutty or artichoke flavor. It can used for poultry or bird stuffing. When cooking takes on a soft purple. Cooking time is 40 minutes.

Examples of rice recipes:

- Boiled Rice: Boiled rice, cooked only with water and a pinch of salt (like pasta), is the kind of easier processing. It can be used as a garnish, also as a basis for salads and grains suitable for this preparation they are elongated, such as Basmati. A boiled once, rice is drained in a colander big, cool under running cold water and drain again to remove the starch that has sprung.

- Rice pilaw: The first step is to gently fry in a pan with hot oil and a base of onion and garlic finely chopped. By doing this, rice and starch containing sealed stays within the grain. In Eastern countries are often used as elongated basmati rice, but in cultures Western pump round or rice is used. To enhance its flavor during cooking can be added different ingredients. In Turkey and the countries of Central Europe, raisins are added. In contrast, the Southern European countries, they often add chopped parsley and chives, near the end of cooking, or even the called "bouquet garni" a atadillo bay, thyme and basil flavored rice during cooking and moments before serving is removed. In either case, the result must be a dry and loose rice, ideal for use as a garnish for fish, seafood and meat in sauce.

- Risotto: A recipe for creamy rice made with rice or with the pump arborio. To make it, is sauté the beans in a saucepan with oil and a little butter, and broth is added gradually (not coup). It is important to stir from time to time to release the rice starch and creamy. By Of course, the soft sautéed with olive oil and butter can be garnished with mushrooms, onion, chicken nuggets or vegetable. Once the rice is cooked, grated cheese and a little cream, it adds two ingredients that gives this rice its sign of distinction.

- The paella: Fry Bomba rice in a sauce of vegetables, pieces of rabbit and chicken, seafood or one and fish. Once the grains are sealed, twice the volume of broth of rice is added. Is essential to remember that the stock is the key to a good paella, as it is the element that brings the taste more pronounced preparation. Cooking should be smooth and continued to absorb all the broth, then allowed to stand for 5 minutes. A paella They are always adds a little saffron to color. Add a few strands brings an attractive yellow color and a subtle aromatic touch.