Tips for a perfect tortilla

According to the legend, it was General Thomas Zumalacárregui (1808-1835) who, during the siege of Bilbao, invented the tortilla a simple, fast and nutritious dish to satiate the hardships of his Carlist army.

Tortillas are easy to prepare, delicious and with a little imagination, they can become a very varied and tasty dish made with beaten eggs mixed with potatoes or almost everything.

To obtain a perfect tortilla you have to follow some tips:

1 - To make it fluffier, first beat the egg whites without let it them become stiff and then add the yolks.

2 - You can include in the beaten egg, a little milk with yeast.

3 - For a tortilla well rounded you have to turn it several times.

4 - Before adding the beaten egg remove the excess oil.

5 - To be thicker without having frying problems, use a smaller fry pan once it has been turned.

6 - Let the ingredients remain about 15 minutes with the beaten eggs before you begin the cooking so that they will be well impregnated with eggs.