They have always told us that if we want to conquer someone we have to win the stomach and, in Valira, we have taken it to the letter.

It all started in 1969.

Josep Betriu i Tàpies had the dream of becoming a great inventor and making people's lives better. For family reasons, he decided to move from the Pyrenees to Reus with the intention of founding his own company. Josep decided to specialize in coffee machines and Valira was born. We started marketing Italian coffee machines of the best quality and we started to conquer the stomachs (and kitchens) of the neighbors of Reus.

Working and innovating day by day.

Little by little, what was once a small company it became a known Brand. Josep decided to launch new products on the market, and thus were born today known as Valira classics: the "Chispón" lighter, the sugar bowl and "Dosy" dosing machine, products that came from the imagination of the Pyrenean inventor. Later, Josep launched himself into the cooking and foodservice market. Since then we have been working and innovating day by day in order to improve ourselves and respond to the needs of our consumers.  

We create the perfect recipes.

We know that eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life, that's why in our factory and kitchens we create the perfect recipes between product and food so that you can succeed at home. We manufacture all kinds of pans made with the best aluminum in Europe. Our non-stick coatings do not contain PFOA or toxic substances and are reinforced with TITANIUM. Valira cooking products are the only ones made in Spain. In our factory, we ensure that our production processes are as respectful as possible with the environment.

Aesthetics and functionality.

We also know that the food that you like the most is the one you prepare yourself at home, the same thing happens to us. We are obsessed with functionality, aesthetics and, above all, eating well anywhere. That is why we have been developing different products that are part of our range of portability. We design so that your favorite dishes move with you. Our famous containers, along with the most comfortable and modern bags with the most useful accessories make up this range of possibilities that adapts to each personality. 

We help you eat better. 

Also, as we know that every time you worry more about eating better and healtier, at Valira we want to help you. That is why we have developed some very innovative products that allow you to cook in a healthier way, such as the tilted griddle, which separates fats from food. 

Trust in our workers.

Josep Betriu i Tàpies left us a legacy and some principles that we still maintain today. One of them is the confidence we have in our workers. Just as we make sure to bring the best products to your home, we make sure to bring the best workers to ours, because they are the true authors of success. That is why we are very proud of the more than 170 people involved in Valira.

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